Thursday, March 29, 2012

Slice #29 2012 Trips down memory lane

Yesterday I drove to St. Louis. It was a 6 hour drive south. I brought our dogs along since we'd be visiting my daughter who attends school in Missouri. The temperature climbed as I drove further south. I had my iPod playing as I drove since radio stations come and go quickly. The songs made me think back on days gone by, people and memories from high school and college days. It's funny how songs can take you back like that, isn't it?

Today, as I sat with my daughter at a Drury Inn enjoying the "kick back," I heard "Mrs. André, Mrs. André" from behind my table. Standing there was a girl who had been in fifth grade a few years back. She wasn't in my class, but I remembered her from school. She remembered me too. She's a freshman now. It was quite a surprise to see her so far from school. I'm sure my presence here took her by surprise as well. It was so nice to see her and have a chance to say hello.

These recent events provided trips down memory lane.

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  1. Small world, huh? And yes, I love how music transports us to a whole other place in time. I like to tune Pandora to a Bee Gees station and see what I get. :)