Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice #22 2012 Only Teaching 30 Minutes Today

Two more days and spring break will be here. I have already been preparing work for students whose trips will keep them away longer than the week scheduled. I have eight students missing days either before or after the scheduled days. I've been busy getting work together for them and have already finished plans for the week of April 2 in the process.

Today I will start my day with two meetings at the junior high. As a fifth grade teacher we have articulation meetings scheduled for each student heading there with an IEP or 504. These meeting involve the student, the parents, the homeroom teacher and any other personnel involved. They are important, but somehow scheduling them on the day before break is hard. I'll have a sub for most of my literacy block and will miss the chance to confer with some my students before they head out.

Our fourth and fifth graders participate in a school musical as part of the music program. On stage rehearsals have begun which means an hour is spent twice a week practicing. It's an amazing production. The students learn a lot and it provides an opportunity that many would otherwise not have. Today it will take place when I return however, so I won't be teaching all morning.

This afternoon I will be at an hour long meeting with my team to go over benchmark and progress monitoring data in reading, writing and math for students on our team. A sub will be working with them again during this time as we complete our simulation of the Oregon Trail. By the time I return we will be headed to a special PTO assembly. By the time the assembly ends, there will be less than 30 minutes left.

Today I'll head to school and only teach for 30 minutes. I hoped to teach my class today, but other things got in the way.


  1. Sometimes days like this are a nice change of pace, and sometimes they are frustrating. (And both?)

    We are just finishing up state testing, and I feel like I haven't TAUGHT for two weeks! Give me my kids back, darn it!

  2. Our spring break starts tomorrow night too. I can't wait! Wishing you a lovely break.