Friday, March 2, 2012

Slice #2 2012 - Tournament Weekend

It's Friday. We are heading out of town after our work day so we can watch our daughter's college team play in a conference water polo tournament. It's four hours away. We are taking the dogs, as we always do. I have packing and organizing to complete before I leave for school. My list is long.

I'm a bit apprehensive about the trip. She has been on the all-conference team the last two years. She's been a starter too. This year she isn't playing as much. She had shoulder surgery in August. The doctor says she is ready, she is still hesitant as she doesn't want to go through surgery again. I understand, but I also know it's the last year she will be able to play this sport as she will be graduating in December. She loves the game. She doesn't want her time as a player to end although she's been an assistant coach for a high school team near her school for three years and will be involved with polo through that too.

We will watch, cheer on the team and be there to support her, not knowing what the future holds and how many more opportunities we will have to watch her from the stands. I know there is a beginning and ending to everything, but it's a hard lesson to learn when you're young.

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  1. I totally feel that apprehension as you wrote...we live and seem to die a little through our child's stuff. In my case my husband was a coach at our HS and we had to live through a basketball injury that impacted her senior year of play...a hard ending. But have a great tournament...