Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some Days are Like That

The school year is in full swing and my life has been busy with teaching, meetings and classes not to mention life at home. I haven't posted on my blog in a long time, although I have been writing in my Writer's Notebook.
I'm feeling pretty good about where my students are in their journey as writers and readers. I see them enjoying Writer's Workshop and mastering the expectations for various activities during the day. They are well on their way to my 30 book goal for each of my fifth graders. Not without challenges, but my class is a wonderful blend of personalities and interests. I enjoy working with them and seeing their progress. If only I could just remain in that environment and not have to be involved in the politics, power jockeying and meetings that invade my day.
This week has been difficult and I am thankful I am off Friday. I need to distance myself from the energy that seems to feed on negativity and misunderstandings. It reminds me of the scene in "Ghost Busters" where the evil simply boils up and surrounds everything. I need to find a way to overcome this feeling of being swallowed by the negativity. I know it's not everywhere, there is so much good out there to see. I do my best to remain positive, to forgive others when minor misunderstandings occur. I wish everyone could do this and look at the sunny side of situations.
I will find a way to call my inner "Ghost Busters" and remove myself from this funk. For now all I can think of is how Alexander felt..."Some days are like that even in...."