Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Quick Slice on a LONG Day

I took the March SOLC and wrote all 31 days. While not all of my entries were great, it provided me with an opportunity to challenge myself to find something to write about everyday. Prior to the March challenge I had been writing a slice each week since December. In January I introduced the concept to my 5th graders and they have been slicing most Tuesday since then. I've learned a lot about myself as a writer and my students as well.

This month we are focusing on poetry. We started reading Love That Dog in class. A number of my students even tried their hand at poetry for their Tuesday slice. I am so impressed with their work and effort. They are growing so much as writers. I look forward to seeing them write more poetry during this month.

Today was a LONG day.
One filled with meetings...
I arrived at 7:20 AM.
Didn't leave until 8:10 PM.
Day ended with parent meeting....
An introduction to our Human Growth unit.
Glad it's a 4-day week.