Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slice # 3 2012 - March Snow

As I left school Friday rain was falling. I quickly changed from rain to freezing rain and then to snow as I drove home. Everything was white by the time I made it the 20 miles between work and home. This Friday we had what was to be a four hour drive to reach our weekend destination. The snow, while pretty, nearly doubled the time we spent before arriving. While snow is beautiful to look at and welcomed in December, I no longer enjoy seeing it when March arrives. Today the temperatures have dropped and the wind blows an Arctic blast. How I look forward to Spring and days filled with warmer weather, buds and flowers. I guess as I get older snow is less magical.

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  1. I completely agree - it has been a very mild winter and yet I am so ready for spring! Why do we live in places with snow? ;)