Saturday, March 10, 2012

Slice #10 2012 - Accidental Genious

We spent the morning at the Milwaukee Art Museum viewing a special exhibit: “Accidental Genius.” The work was all created by untrained artists, many who lived in poverty. Their work was simple, unrefined by most standards, but beautiful just the same. They went about painting and drawing as a way to express themselves, using whatever materials they could find. Somehow the art world took notice. Their work became collectable and worthy of museums. Having a gift for sharing their gift through simple mediums brought them into a different world. They shared their thoughts and stories. As I walked through the exhibit I was awestruck by their work. It sent the message that art is for everyone, that expressing one’s self is a natural desire. Some of us do it through art, others through writing and still others with music. All of our stories are important and just waiting to be told, if only someone will notice.

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  1. Well said. This is the kind of exhibit I would enjoy and it so beautifully ties to this experience of this writing challenge.