Friday, March 30, 2012

Slice #30 2012 -Time with my daughter

My daughter was still asleep. (She's on spring break too.) I took the dogs for a walk and headed to breakfast in the hotel's atrium. The room was filled with families eating and getting ready for their day. It's spring break and they were enjoying a visit to St. Louis, just like me. I brought a book and as I read as I sipped coffee and watch the news on TV. An unhurried morning, the last Friday of spring break.

Yesterday we walked to the arch and then to the baseball stadium. We enjoyed lunch from the Zia's food truck. (Zia's is a well known Italian restaurant on the Hill.) In the afternoon we headed to the pool, the high school pool. My daughter coaches water polo for a high school, something she has done for three years now. We returned, ate dinner, walked the dogs and watched a movie. While my day wasn't spent trying to pack in all the sights, it was nice to spend some time with my daughter. She'll graduate next December after student teaching in the fall.

I look back at the days when both she and my son (her younger brother) were still at home, when we'd go on trips together. They've grown up more quickly than I could have imagined. Now I savor every opportunity I have to spend time with them. We don't get to take the family trips we once did, but memories of them return.


  1. Sounds like a leisurely time filled with small moments of pleasure. I must say I love that you took your dogs with you. :)

  2. "Now I savor every opportunity" You are so wise to savor and enjoy the time with your daughter. I think we learn that as we grow older.

    What a lovely unhurried time, sipping coffee, savoring. I picture you just leisurely enjoying your time in St.Louis.

  3. Thank you for sharing a special time with your daughter.