Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slice #21 2012 - Miracles

A friend had posted this on Facebook and it made the perfect start for my slice for today. As educators, we often are expected to do extraordinary things. We are not always supported with the material resources needed to meet the goals that continue to be added. We want to do our best and at times it's an overwhelming job. Teachers don't give up easily and they keep looking for ways to do whatever they can to inspire and engage students, doing their best to help everyone succeed. I work hard, but so do most of my colleagues. We are doing an increasing number of assessments, our teaching is data driven (perhaps overly so?) and with the new curriculum and mandates the list grows longer and longer. We don't get more time or resources, but the bar continues to rise. Our state assessment scores are reported publicly, grading us and our schools. What continues to amaze me is how we continue to focus on our students and do our best. This is nothing short of miraculous. This reinforces my belief that teaching is a calling and not just a job. It requires a special person to perform these "miracles." Let's all celebrate our abilities to reach for these goals.


  1. Teaching is a calling. I often laugh when people say "I should have been a teacher." or "I could have been a teacher." I often want to say, "No, you couldn't" Thanks for sharing.