Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice #15 2012 - A Taste of Summer

I wore my Tevas today,

For a walk

We took our dogs through the woods,

And the sidewalks

Enjoying the warm weather,

Saying hello to others

The flowers are popping

The trees budding

The temperatures are soaring

And so are my spirits

I love these unexpected

Warm spring days

We set a new record high today

It was 80°

I welcome this early taste

Of summer


  1. I think many of us had an extra warm day for a taste of summer. Spirits do soar when we see summer is coming. Love the flowers popping, perfect words.

  2. I, too, am loving the spring sunshine, the bright opening of flowers, and the warm afternoons. Wish we could take a walk together. Did you hear all the w sounds at the beginning of your poem? wore, walk, woods, warm weather. Where will the words take you tomorrow?

  3. I like how you took your prose and portioned it out in a poem.