Monday, March 19, 2012

Slice #19 2012 - An Early Spring (Summer?)

It’s morning and although it’s almost 6:30, the sun is not yet rising. Daylight savings time does that. I can hear the birds calling to one another as they greet the morning. I planted a few flowers in pots yesterday and my husband worked in the yard for hours. We saw some neighborhood children in swimsuits playing outside with a hose yesterday as we walked our dogs. Our daffodils are blooming, the earliest date I can remember. Our flowering crab, which usually waits for early May, will bloom soon too. I’m pleased that our weather has been so summer-like, but having heard that a portion of Arizona had snow, I can’t help but think we may still have some cold weather ahead of us. We do live in northern Illinois, and our weather changes quickly. For now I will enjoy the high temperatures, the early signs of spring and the chance to wear my summer clothing.


  1. My students tried to tell me today how hot it is in our class. I looked at them and said, "you could take off your jacket and sweater." After all it was over 70 degrees inside! I would very happy if the whole summer would be like today!

  2. Put in some line breaks and you have a poem here. I'm afraid this early spring may mean hurricanes later for us down south, maybe not. For now, it's inspiring some good writing.