Monday, March 26, 2012

Slice #26 2012 -Broken Hearts and Soul Mates

My son called me this past weekend. He’s at college and I hear from him more often through text messages or calls I make than when he calls me. It was only 8:30 AM on a Saturday, so it took me by surprise. He wanted to check in, but it wasn’t long before I learned the real purpose of his call. He had been dating someone most of the first semester. He had ended the relationship because he felt she was too jealous and clingy. Even after they stopped dating, they would still talk and part of him thought they could get back together. That changed when he noticed her Friday night Facebook status. She listed herself as “in a relationship” with a football player. He has had other girlfriends, but felt this one was special. I listened more than I talked. It’s a hard lesson, but one that we each learn on our own.

I remember being about the same age. I had a boyfriend I’d met in high school. We’d finished our senior year together. Turnabout, prom and graduation. We spent some time together in the summer, but as the days grew closer to college we were busy. He came to see me a few times at college and we spent New Year’s Eve together along with friends. I cared deeply about him, but our lives were taking us in different directions. It took a while to finally get over thinking of us as a couple. While I had a few boyfriends before him and more after, he still held a special place in my thoughts. It took time and more life experiences before I finally left him behind in my memories knowing that’s all that was left for us.

Each relationship we enter teaches us something. It takes time to realize that and move on. I believe there is a special person out there for each of us. Finding them isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the wait, the broken hearts and lessons learned along the way. It’s hard to recognize that when you are young. Resiliency, perseverance and a willingness to take chances are required. While my heart aches for my son, I know this will bring him one step closer to finding his soul mate.

I met my husband just before the start of my second year of teaching. We had worked at the same resort, waiting tables as summer jobs. We dated for four years before getting married. He has always been there for me. He’s a great listener, a hard worker and showers me with attention. I love spending time with him. He is my soul mate. I’m so fortunate to have him in my world.

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  1. Thanks for your sharing. It is hard to not want to make it all okay for our children.